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Avoid these mistakes that could get your NJ ballot rejected in November’s election

Terrence T. McDonald | September 21, 2020 | |


Millions of New Jersey voters may be casting their ballots by mail for the first time this November, a development that has Democratic and Republican voters and politicians anxious.

Voting the traditional way is easy: You go inside a voting booth and press the buttons next to your preferred candidates. But using a mail-in ballot is a bit more complicated, which is why election clerks across New Jersey told they are most nervous about ballots being rejected because voters are not 100% clear on how to fill them out.

Voters statewide are starting to receive their ballots. How can you make sure yours will be counted? reviewed election records from the state’s May and July elections to find out the most common reasons ballots were rejected. Make sure you follow these rules to avoid those mistakes.


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