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Baer Proposes Expansion Of Film Commission

TRENTON – Senator Byron M. Baer has introduced legislation which would expand the Motion Picture and Television Development Commission from 11 to 15 members, in order to better address and meet the needs of the film industry.

“New Jersey has been successful in attracting film and television productions since the late 1800’s when Thomas Edison created the industry after inventing the Kinetoscope in West Orange,” said Senator Baer, D-Bergen. “The commission has made it known to the world that New Jersey is an ideal filming location.”

According to Senator Baer, the commission serves as a liaison between production companies, government offices and the public. “By increasing the number of members on the board, we are expanding our resources and enticing even more production companies to the State,” Senator Baer noted.

The bill, S-2352, would increase the number of members on the commission which would consist of twelve public members, and no more than six would be members of the same political party. The three remaining members are the Chairman of the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, the Chairman of the Public Broadcasting Authority, and the Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development.

Senator Baer is a veteran of the film industry when in the 1950’s and 60’s he worked as a special effects technician in the metropolitan area studios and locations. “I have always enjoyed creating movie magic and, I know that New Jersey is a prime place for production companies because we have so much to offer.”

“Television and film production has increased in New Jersey every year because of the scenery that our State has to offer, but it takes more than just location options to entice production companies to an area,”said Senator Baer. “The commission is proving that by offering diverse landscapes and providing outstanding service, we are creating an unparalleled production environment that will continue to grow. By increasing the number of members on the commission we are furthering our commitment to make New Jersey the star of even more feature films.”

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