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Beach Bill to Allow Open-Containers in Atlantic City Goes to Governor

Trenton – In an effort to increase tourism in Atlantic City, the Senate sent legislation to the Governor today, sponsored by Senator James Beach, which would allow open containers in the Atlantic City Tourism District.
“While the city has a temporary open container order in place now, to implement it permanently could completely transform Atlantic City’s Tourism District,” said Senator Beach (D-Burlington/Camden). “Especially during the warmer months, and even into the fall, this would make Atlantic City a much more attractive destination, setting it apart from other shore towns along the east coast.”
The bill, S-1591, would allow individuals over the age of 21 to carry and consume a single alcoholic drink in certain outdoor property designated as open container areas. Under the bill, an open container area would include portions of the beach, boardwalk, and other areas within the Atlantic City Tourism District, as defined by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA).
The bill would also require the CRDA to hold a public hearing in order to establish an open container area prior to adopting the resolution.
The bill was released from the Senate by a vote of 39-0.