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Bill Allowing Those in Active Duty Military to Claim Preference for Civil Service Clears Senate

TRENTON – The Senate today released legislation sponsored by Senator Vin Gopal that would allow a person seeking veterans’ preference for civil service purposes who has not yet been issued the official Form DD-214 as proof of military service to submit, in lieu of a Form DD-214, an official certification or verification of military service statement or letter.

“Many in the ranks of our military have their eye on seeking a civil service job upon their separation from active duty. This bill would help those individuals begin to expedite the process while still in uniform, before they have received what is now the requisite DD-214 documentation,” said Senator Gopal (D-Monmouth). “Those who have faithfully served our country deserve every consideration to continue in public service, and we should give them every opportunity to do so.”

Under the bill, S-2817, the certification or verification of military service statement or letter would be required to provide the date of entry into military service, the estimated date of discharge or release, the character of the discharge, and other information as the Adjutant General would require.

Currently, in order to receive a veterans’ preference on a civil service application, the regulations of the Department of Military and Veterans’ Affairs require a veteran to submit a copy of Form DD-214, or another document if military records have been destroyed. This legislation would allow a person still on active duty, but who expects to be discharged or released soon, to begin the process of securing a veterans’ preference by providing other forms of documentation as allowed for under the bill.