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Bryant: Credit Rating Improvement Proves Democratic Values Work

“The are many challenges that both our schools and our communities must address in order to curb the frightening growth of steroid abuse we are seeing. Action must be taken to limit access to illegal steroids, reduce the pressure on students to use steroids and educate athletes, parents and coaches on the dangerous side effects steroids can have on teenagers and young adults.

“The individuals who have volunteered to be a part of the Task Force have the broad range of expertise in athletics, medicine, and education needed to find the root causes of the rise in steroid use and develop comprehensive solutions to deal with these concerns. As both a legislator and an educator, I look forward to hearing the suggestions put forth by the Task Force and working with the Governor, the Legislature and school officials statewide to put those recommendations into action.”

“We gave taxpayers a fair budget and Wall Street took note with a positive response. This validates the Democratic values of concern for our taxpayers and care for those who need our help. We made sure about the future with a prudent surplus, but we spent to invest in our children’s education and in the health care of our seniors.

“This boost to our credit rating should silence the naysayers whose negative comments were driven by politics instead of by prudence. Democrats have every right to be proud of this recognition that New Jersey is headed in the right direction.”

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