Nicholas J. Sacco

07 Mar: Vitale-Sacco ‘E-ZPass For Gas’ Bill Approved By Senate Panel

TRENTON – A bill sponsored by Senator Joseph F. Vitale which would urge the Turnpike Authority to work with New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway service area vendors to allow motorists to pay for gasoline purchases using their E-ZPass tags was unanimously approved by the Senate Transportation Committee today.

“The E-ZPass system was designed to simplify life for thousands of motorists on our State’s toll roads, and by extending the tags’ purchasing power to cover gasoline purchases on those toll roads, we’re continuing that mission,” said Senator Vitale, D-Middlesex. “Considering that, in peak summer months, many of the gas stations in service areas on the Parkway and Turnpike are more gridlocked than the worst toll plazas, this make sense.”

24 Feb: Sacco To NJ Transit : ‘Not A Cent More Than Necessary’

TRENTON – Senator Nicholas J. Sacco, D-Bergen and Hudson and Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, made the following statement today in regards to NJ Transit’s public hearings over a potential 15% fare hike:

“As Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, I know just how much work and money go into maintaining our transportation infrastructure. New Jersey Transit is a vital part of this infrastructure which moves hundreds of thousands of residents around the State each day. As painful as it may be, I understand that it is inevitable that fares for our commuter rails, buses and light rails will increase. However, we must do everything in our power to make that increase as small and equitable as possible.

06 Dec: Sacco Measure To Protect E-ZPass Users Against Theft Passes Senate

TRENTON – Senator Nicholas J. Sacco welcomed final Senate approval for his measure to discourage the theft of E-ZPass responders by making that theft a crime of the fourth degree.

“Unfortunately, E-ZPass responders are easily removed from vehicles and have proven a popular target for thieves,” said Senator Sacco, D-Bergen and Hudson and Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee. “This bill seeks to discourage individuals from targetting these devices and the drivers who use them.”