03 Dec: Preview – Senate To Consider Internet Luring , Death Penalty Study

TRENTON – The full Senate and two of its committees are set to convene on Monday to consider several timely issues including a bill that would make the use of the Internet to lure an individual a third-degree crime.

Senators Paul Sarlo and John Adler introduced bill S-1429 after reports of a woman in Wood-Ridge being menaced by a stranger who parked his van near her home, leered at her, and frightened her into calling the police. The stranger had allegedly intended to commit a sexual assault against her after being enticed into coming to her home by a message he thought she had posted in an Internet chat room, but was, in fact, posted by an individual posing as the woman.

03 Dec: Media Advisory – Vitale To Attend Candlenight Vigil To Support Charitable Immunity Reform

NEWARK – Senator Joseph F. Vitale will attend a candlelight vigil this Saturday night in Newark in support of clergy sex abuse victims, and legislation he sponsored to remove a charitable organization’s immunity from lawsuits when they act negligently and put children at risk for sexual molestation.

“This vigil is a grassroots call for justice in New Jersey,” said Senator Vitale, D-Middlesex. “For too long, irresponsible charitable organizations have hid behind the shield of charitable immunity while the organizations’ policies have continually put kids in harm’s way, exposing them to dangerous sexual predators because the charity opted not to do what’s right. I am proud to stand with those seeking justice and demand a better standard in the Garden State.”

02 Dec: ‘Sex Crime Victim Treatment Fund’ Measure Advances In Assembly Committee

TRENTON – A measure sponsored by Senators Fred H. Madden and John A. Girgenti that would create the “Sex Crime Victim Treatment Fund,” to help provide counseling for victims was approved today by the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee.

“According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 300,000 forcible rapes occur every year,” said Senator Madden, D-Camden and Gloucester. “There is no dollar amount that can possibly compensate victims for the trauma inflicted on them, but this Fund would allow them to receive counseling and other services to help them lead healthier and happier lives.”

01 Dec: Rice Calls For An End To Denying Care For Aids Patients

NEWARK – Senator Ronald L. Rice is drafting legislation which would revise the criteria for admission into the Broadway House for Continuing Care, in Newark to include special needs patients with HIV/AIDS diseases.

Senator Rice is working on changing through new legislation, the standards that nurses use when determining if special nursing care is necessary. The 28th district Senator became aware of the problem when a man with full-blown AIDS, active TB and several other chronic diseases entered a hospital and was not going to be sent to Broadway House, the only nursing state affiliated care facility to deal specifically with AIDS victims in New Jersey.

08 Nov: Turner Bill Would Extend ‘Animal House’ Provisions To Entire State

TRENTON – A measure sponsored by Senator Shirley K. Turner that would allow all municipalities to require landlords of “animal houses” to post bonds passed the Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee today.

“It’s time for the landlords of real-life ‘animal houses’ to take responsibility for the irresponsible actions of those they rent to,” said Senator Turner, D-Mercer. “The local municipalities shouldn’t bear the cost of repeatrdly breaking up college parties. Requiring bonds has been a proven method in shore communities for reducing disruptions coming from rentals.”

08 Nov: Vitale Bill To Expand Powers Of State Commission Of Investigation

TRENTON – A bill sponsored by Senator Joseph F. Vitale which would amend and expand the duties and powers of the State Commission of Investigation (SCI) to facilitate greater scrutiny of New Jersey State government was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee by a unanimous vote.

“Reports of unethical behavior in New Jersey government have always been a blight on the record of good work that government officials do on behalf of New Jersey citizens every day,” said Senator Vitale, D-Middlesex. “The SCI exists as a police organization to keep government an institution ‘for the people,’ instead of allowing it to degenerate into an institution for themselves. If we are going to rid ourselves from the blight of corruption on New Jersey government, we have to give the SCI greater and broader authority to keep government honest.”

05 Nov: Preview – Six Senate Committees Meet On Monday

TRENTON – Six Senate committees are scheduled to meet on Monday to consider issues ranging from the plight of the working poor to the restoration of “Ladies Nights” in bars and restaurants to bans on lawsuits by people claiming fast food restaurants made them fat.

Other bills up for consideration before the Senate panels involve municipal sanctions against landlords who rent so-called “Animal Houses” near colleges and in resort areas, the coordination of emergency response teams and disclosure requirements of staffing levels at nursing homes.

05 Nov: Preview – Senate Labor Committee To Hold Hearing On The Plights Of New Jersey

TRENTON – The Senate Labor Committee is scheduled to hold a public hearing beginning at 10 a.m. on Monday November 8, in Committee Room 1 of the State House Annex to discuss the need for better conditions for the State’s working poor.

Labor Committee Chairman, Senator Stephen M. Sweeney believes that this hearing is important to address and help correct the issues affecting New Jersey’s working poor.

05 Nov: Preview – Vitale Charitable Immunity Bill To Be Considered By Assembly Panel

TRENTON – A bill sponsored by Senator Joseph F. Vitale which would amend the State’s charitable immunity clause to allow sexual assault victims to sue charitable organizations when the organization negligently hired or retained in their employment a sexual predator, will be considered on Monday by the Assembly Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee.

“When an organization threatens a child’s physical safety or psychological welfare by placing the child in an unsafe environment, that organization must be held liable,” said Senator Vitale, D-Middlesex, the Chairman of the Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee. “For too long, charitable groups have shrugged off their responsibility under charitable immunity edicts to ensure child safety, and in the meantime, they’ve harbored vicious sexual predators who have done so much damage to their victims. We need to have a higher standard when the safety of our kids is at risk.”

04 Nov: Madden, Smith, Mayer To Hold Thanksgiving Drive To Benefit Troops

TURNERSVILLE – Senator Fred H. Madden and Assemblymen David R. Mayer and Robert J. Smith in conjunction with Land Dimensions Engineering will be sponsoring a Thanksgiving drive to benefit the troops stationed in the Middle East.

“These men and women are in the Middle East, working to restore world-wide peace,” said Senator Madden, D-Camden and Gloucester. ” These soldiers are risking their lives to help us maintain ours in a manner to which we are accustomed, and I think that it is the least we can do to help provide them with these basic necessities.