Richard J. Codey

10 Nov: Codey and Turner Elected to Lead Senate

TRENTON – The Senate Democratic Majority Caucus today unanimously voted to re-elect Senate President and Acting Governor Richard J. Codey and Senate President Pro-Tem Shirley K. Turner to lead the Senate for the new two-year legislative session beginning in January.

“I am deeply honored by this expression of support from my colleagues and I look forward to a continued record of accomplishment for the people of New Jersey,” said the Senate President and Governor.

10 Nov: Huge Outporting of Support for Weinberg as She Begins Senate Carreer

TRENTON – Senator Loretta Weinberg began her Senate career today with cheers from more than 250 supporters and with a pledge from Governor-elect Jon Corzine that she would be his “conscience” once he takes office in January.

Senator Weinberg was sworn in by Acting Governor and Senate President Richard J. Codey in a Senate chamber packed with cheering supporters, her former Assembly friends and her new Senate colleagues.

30 Jun: FY 2006 Budget Bill Signing

FY 2006 Budget Bill Signing

01 Mar: James Calls Codey Budget ‘Breath Of Fresh Air’

TRENTON – Senator Sharpe James, Vice Chair of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee, today called Governor Codey’s budget proposal a “breath of fresh air” because it would be a billion dollar reduction over last year’s State spending plan.

“Governor Codey is asking everyone to share some of the pain during these tough fiscal times,” said Senator James, D-Essex. “By reducing the size of the State workforce through attrition and suspending the New Jersey Saver program for non-seniors, he is asking all of us to sacrifice and help the State live within its means.”

13 Dec: Codey-Karcher Environmental Prosecutor Bill Approved

TRENTON – A bill sponsored by Senate President and Acting Governor Richard J. Codey and Senator Ellen Karcher to create a statewide Office of the Environmental Prosecutor in order to pursue legal action against criminals who violate environmental laws in New Jersey was approved today by the Senate by a vote of 38-0.

“Our environment is a precious resource and New Jersey has to show a commitment to protecting it,” said Governor Codey. “An environmental prosecutor sends the message that we will pursue polluters in the Garden State wherever they turn up, and we will impose strict and appropriate penalties based on the severity of their crimes.”

10 Dec: Preview – Senate Session Monday Has Security Issues

TRENTON – The Senate will convene Monday to deal with multiple issues of increasing safety for New Jersey residents in a post 9-11 world.

Democratic Senators Nicholas P. Scutari, Fred Madden, Paul Sarlo, Barbara Buono and John Girgenti all will be advancing their bills to structure the responsibilities of government agencies – at all levels – to respond effectively during possible emergencies.

03 Dec: Preview – Senate To Consider Internet Luring , Death Penalty Study

TRENTON – The full Senate and two of its committees are set to convene on Monday to consider several timely issues including a bill that would make the use of the Internet to lure an individual a third-degree crime.

Senators Paul Sarlo and John Adler introduced bill S-1429 after reports of a woman in Wood-Ridge being menaced by a stranger who parked his van near her home, leered at her, and frightened her into calling the police. The stranger had allegedly intended to commit a sexual assault against her after being enticed into coming to her home by a message he thought she had posted in an Internet chat room, but was, in fact, posted by an individual posing as the woman.

04 Nov: Codey To Expand Law Banning Contingency Fees To Consultants Soliciting Bond Underwriting Business From State

TRENTON – Senate President Richard J. Codey announced today that he plans to enact an Executive Order to expand a law he sponsored banning contingency fees paid to lobbyists to also apply to consultants and consulting firms seeking bond underwriting contracts from the State, as part of his broader effort to reduce the influence of money on government and regain the public trust.

“I see a real conflict in the fact that some of these third-party consultants are receiving enormous commissions, and in some cases a percentage based on the state contract itself, when the same consultants are also able to provide campaign contributions,” said Senator Codey. “Expanding the law I sponsored banning lobbyist contingency fees to third-party brokerage consultants will close this gaping loophole and further reduce the influence of money on government.”