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Codey Announces New Appointments To Senate Judiciary & Labor Committees

TRENTON – Senate President Richard J. Codey (D-Essex) announced today that he has expanded the membership on both the Senate Judiciary and Labor committees and appointed Senator Brian P. Stack and Senator James Beach, respectively, to fill the new posts.

The membership on each committee will be expanded by two, with one new Democrat and one new Republican appointed for each committee.

“I have no doubt that Senator Stack will be a fine addition to the Senate Judiciary Committee. He is a veteran public servant who understands the importance of the Senate’s advice and consent responsibilities in ensuring the integrity of the appointment process,” said Sen. Codey.

“Senator Beach has displayed an unparalleled commitment to his role as our newest Senator and I am confident that he will bring this same enthusiasm to the Labor Committee,” said Sen. Codey. “With unemployment rates skyrocketing, Senator Beach has pledged to be a part of the solution to the economic problems facing our state.”

“I want to thank Senator Codey for this opportunity and pledge my commitment to ensuring that our courts are representative of the population of New Jersey” said Senator Stack (D-Hudson). “I look forward to promoting fairness and progress for minority candidates nominated for judgeships and other important roles in state government.”

“Now more than ever, I am excited to assume this post as the state continues to tackle the pressing issues plaguing our economy and the labor sector,” said Senator Beach (D-Camden). “I thank Senator Codey for his confidence and look forward to serving the Senate proudly in this new capacity.”

The appointments will take effect immediately.

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