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Codey Pledges Support for Crack Down on Gun Violence, Praises Chief Justice’s Investigation

TRENTON – Senate President Richard J. Codey (D-Essex) praised the comprehensive approach unveiled in Newark today to combat the rising tide of gun violence and pledged his support to help eviscerate guns from New Jersey’s streets.

“This is a welcome step forward. Newark may be in the spotlight today, but tomorrow it could be any other locality and we owe it to our citizens to help them take back their streets. I pledge my full support to make these initiatives work and work well.

“I want to commend Governor Corzine, Attorney General Milgram, Mayors Booker and Healy and their mayoral colleagues, and everyone else involved for rolling up their sleeves to tackle this problem together. The only way we’re going to combat the prevalence of gun violence is through a collective approach. We cannot leave it up to any one town or official anymore,” said Sen. Codey.

Sen. Codey also praised Chief Justice Stuart Rabner for taking swift action in authorizing an independent review of the court procedures used to set bail in the prior arrest cases of the suspects involved in the Newark shootings.

“My thanks to the Chief Justice for making this a priority. As I’ve said before, we need to change the culture of the Essex County criminal justice system otherwise we will just be sending the message that crime does pay.”