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Codey Supports Re-Appointment For Justice John Wallace

Says Justice “Has Distinguished Himself on NJ Supreme Court”

TRENTON – Senator Richard J. Codey, D-Essex, issued the following statement today in support of the reappointment of New Jersey Supreme Court Justice John Wallace, Jr. to continue serving until his retirement in 2012. A report on Sunday in the Star Ledger noted that aides to Governor Chris Christie had begun vetting more conservative replacements for the jurist when his term expires next month:

“In the seven years that Justice Wallace has served on the New Jersey Supreme Court, he has distinguished himself as being fair, down-the-middle and absent partisan bias.

“His record of fairness and middle-of-the-road political views should be Exhibit A in the case for his reappointment.

“I know that Governor Christie believes that the people of New Jersey are best-served by Supreme Court justices who dispassionately review the letter of the law, without political blinders on. Justice Wallace is exactly the sort of fair-minded, non-political, non-activist judge we need to provide rational, diligent and equitable decisions on issues that matter most to the residents of the Garden State.

“I urge Governor Christie to reappoint Justice Wallace to serve out the remaining 22 months of his career on the Supreme Court. Justice Wallace has proven to be an excellent jurist, and an asset to the Supreme Court. I know, if reappointed, he will serve his remaining months with the fairness and integrity that have been a hallmark on his judicial record so far.”