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Cruz-Perez Bill to Address Renaissance School Enrollment, Campus and Employee Issues Advances

Nilsa Cruz-Perez

TRENTON – A bill sponsored by Senator Nilsa Cruz-Perez to require the establishment of a common enrollment system in renaissance school districts, expand the definition of urban campus area and clarify that employees of renaissance school projects are in state-administered retirement systems passed the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee today.

The bill, S-2722, would require the superintendent of a renaissance school district to establish a common enrollment system that would require students to apply to public schools located in the district through a single application.  All public schools located in the district, including schools operated by the district, charter schools, and renaissance school projects would be required to participate.

“Our children deserve options on the education they are provided,” said Senator Cruz-Perez (D-Camden/Gloucester).  “This bill expands the options for the students and also welcomes into the retirement system the teachers who have worked so hard in increasing the quality of education the children are provided.”

The bill redefines that the 1.5-mile or 2-mile radius of an urban campus area would apply not only to the initial building of the renaissance school project but to any building of a school designated by the nonprofit entity that operates the renaissance school project. 

The bill would also clarify that individuals employed by the renaissance school projects are members of the state-administered retirement systems.

The bill was released from committee with a vote of 12-0-1, and next moves to the full Senate for further consideration.