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Cruz-Pérez, Ruiz Bill Requiring Health Benefits Coverage for Fertility Preservation Passes Senate

Trenton – Legislation sponsored by Senator Nilsa Cruz-Pérez and Senator M. Teresa Ruiz, which would require health insurers and healthcare providers to cover fertility preservation in certain instances, passed the Senate today.

The bill, S- 2133, would require certain health insurers and healthcare providers to provide coverage for standard fertility preservation services when a medically necessary treatment may cause iatrogenic infertility.

“There are circumstances where women are in need of a medical procedure that would unfortunately inhibit their fertility,” said Senator Cruz-Pérez (D-Camden-Gloucester). “Fertility preservation services are not cheap and women should have this expense covered by their health care providers. Women should not have to come to terms with being infertile while already dealing with serious health issues. This bill would provide women access to services that preserves not just their fertility, but the control over their body and future.”

Iatrogenic infertility is the impairment of fertility due to surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or other medical treatment affecting reproductive organs or processes.

“When someone has to have a procedure done which can impact their fertility, their doctor will often outline their options to address it proactively,” said Senator Ruiz (D-Essex). “The problem is, the high cost of fertility preservation services often prevents it from being a reality. This legislation would ensure that is not the case, making these services accessible to the people who need them most.”

The legislation was released from the Senate by a vote of 32-4.

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