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Cryan Wants E-ZPass to Adopt User-Friendly, Online Payment System

TRENTON – A Senate committee today approved legislation authored by Senator Joe Cryan that would require E-ZPass to create a user-friendly, online payment system that would increase accessibility, minimize errors, and include a live chat function to assist users.

The bill, S-2157, gained the approval of the Senate Transportation Committee with a vote of 5-0.

“The E-ZPass payment system should be easy to use,” said Senator Cryan (D-Union). “Motorists should be able to access a reliable system that allows them to pay their fees and fines without trouble and have consumer responsive assistance to answer any questions or resolve any problems.”

The legislation would require the New Jersey Turnpike Authority and the South Jersey Transportation Authority to establish and maintain an online payment processing system for paying any fees or fines under the state’s electronic toll collection system. It would cover all the roadways under the jurisdiction of the two authorities, including the Garden State Parkway.

“As the road systems move to emphasize cashless tolls, the usability of a digital payment process becomes more important,” said Senator Cryan. “It will reduce incidents of non-payment and help motorists avoid added fines. It’s good for consumers and the roadways.”

The legislation would require the NJTA and the SJTA to maintain and upgrade their systems on a regular basis. The measure also would require them to ensure that the system maintained by the New Jersey E-ZPass Group or contracted vendor complies with the requirements in the bill. These requirements would include the lead agency of the New Jersey E-ZPass Group conducting an annual performance audit of the system if the payment processing system is maintained by a contracted vendor.