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Diegnan Bill to Develop Mobile Cancer Screening Program Advances

TRENTON – Aimed at expanding access to cancer screenings and catching cancers early, the Senate Health, Human Services, and Senior Citizens Committee advanced legislation sponsored by Senator Patrick Diegnan that would require the Department of Health to contract with providers of mobile cancer screenings to help ensure all regions of the state have access to screening.

“Early detection of cancer is the best way to prevent the progression of the disease and save lives,” said Senator Diegnan (D-Middlesex), the Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee. “Unfortunately, many lack access to regular, preventative cancer screenings. With a mobile cancer screening program, the Department of Health and partner organizations can bring access to the communities that are most in need.”

The bill, S-330, would require that within 180 days of enactment, the Department, in partnership with community organizations, develop and implement a mobile cancer screening program. The program would consist of of at least one vehicle in the Northern, Central, and Southern regions of the state that are staffed with at least one healthcare professional who is qualified to perform cancer screenings. The types of cancers that would be screened for would be dependent upon the expertise of the relevant healthcare professional and the availability of necessary equipment.

The bill would appropriate $100,000 to effectuate the aforementioned provisions, and would require the Department to submit a written report to the Governor and the Legislature that summarizes the implementation of the program and its results.