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Doria Moves To Save 850 Jobs At Marcal Paper

TRENTON – The Senate today amended legislation, sponsored by Senator Joseph V. Doria Jr., to save the financially troubled Marcal Paper Mills Inc. of Elmwood Park.

“This bill will help save 850 union jobs and the concerns of countless families who have been associated with a proud family business for a long time,” said Senator Doria, D-Hudson. “We should do what we can to help companies who want to stay in business, especially one like Marcal which has been a key part of the community of the North Jersey region for some 75 years.”

The bill, S-2410, was amended to convert proposed tax exemptions for the sales tax and energy assessments into a system of upfront payments and refunds and to require a repayment by the company if it relocates from New Jersey, closes or transfers ownership within seven years.

“Marcal has been a good neighbor over the years, despite some problems, but it is a company of caring people,” said Senator Doria, who said he got to know the firm’s founders, the Marcalus Family from philanthropic activities involving higher education.

Marcal Paper reportedly is the largest recycler of community and business generated waste paper in New Jersey. More than 40 percent of the company’s workforce has at least 15 years of company service.

Senator Doria said he would seek an emergency vote on the bill, but the Senate was in recess discussing property tax relief measures and other government reforms and it was not clear by this evening if a vote would be held.

If the measure was not considered this evening, Senator Doria said he would seek a vote for the next Senate session.

“The goal here is to save the livelihoods of quite a few people who have contributed quite a bit to the fabric of the community of North Jersey for a long time,” Senator Doria said.