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Doria On Signing Of Cable Competition Measure

TRENTON – Senator Joseph V. Doria made the following statement today following the signature of Governor Corzine of bill S-192, which allows telecomm companies and public utilities that provide for the transmission of video programming to compete in the television service market:

“I commend Governor Corzine for signing this bill today and bringing competition to New Jersey’s cable market. This is a major step for New Jersey, opening the market for multiple companies to provide cable in an area, so that we can promote innovation and drive down the cost of cable for our residents.”

The bill, S-192, would allow telecommunications companies or public utilities providing television service to apply for statewide franchise agreements to offer services throughout the State. The bill would require television service providers to have “wire centers” or data-line transfer stations, in every county seat within six years of approval of a statewide franchise, as well as any municipality with a population density of 7,111 people per square mile. Service would gradually expand out from the initial wire centers, until the point where New Jersey residents would be able to choose between local cable providers and an alternate course for television services.

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