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Gill On Final Legislative Approval Of Charitable Immunity Reform

TRENTON – Senator Nia H. Gill, the prime sponsor of legislation to remove the legal protection for charities that negligently put children in harm’s way by hiding sexual predators within the institutional framework of the charity, issued the following statement on its passage today in the Senate by a vote of 34-1, receiving final legislative approval:

“Victims of sexual abuse have waited so long for their day of reckoning, and today, we are so much closer to granting them the justice they so richly deserve.

“These men and women have been victimized by a double-pronged system that has sought to bury the details of their sexual abuse within the framework of charitable immunity, a tool used to allow charities to continue to do the good work they do for the people of the State.

“However, we must recognize that no good deed can undo the damage of sexual abuse. It’s a lifelong debilitator, often breeding feelings of worthlessness, ugliness and guilt in the victims.

“There is no amount of charity that can justify an institutional policy of denial that has led to the sexual molestation of hundreds of innocent children.

“To the victims, I would like to tell them that their perseverance has paid off, and we’re almost to the finish line. Soon, justice will be done.”

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