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Girgenti/Adler Bill Would Secure Civil Service Benefits For All Who Serve In Time Of War

Senator John A. Girgenti (D-Passaic and Bergen)

TRENTON – A measure sponsored by Senators John Girgenti and John H. Adler, which would allow certain people who qualify as veterans under Federal law, but not under New Jersey State law to receive additional hiring points on a civil service exam was unanimously approved today by the Senate Law and Public Safety and Veterans Affairs Committee.

“New Jersey has one of the most stringent definitions of the word ‘veteran,’ in that, in order to qualify, a person must have served during a time of conflict,” said Senator Girgenti, D-Passaic and Bergen, who chairs the Senate Law and Public Safety and Veterans Affairs panel. “Injury, disability and time served in conflict should not be the basis for providing veterans’ preference on civil service exams. Instead, our men and women in uniform should be rewarded for acting in the best interest of the people they made an oath to protect.”

The Senators’ measure, S-1453, would amend current veterans’ civil service hiring preference legislation to allow certain war veterans who are ineligible to receive veterans hiring preference under current law to receive five extra points on a civil service exam.

Under current law, a disabled veteran who receives a passing score on a civil service exam is placed at the top of the hiring list, and receives special consideration for the position for which he or she has applied. New Jersey law, in order to be classified as a ‘veteran’ a person must have served, been injured or disabled during a conflict, ranging from World War I to Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Veterans who have been disabled as a result of serving in the military would qualify for 10 additional points on a civil service exam.

“Signing up to serve in the armed forces during a time of war is a selfless act that should be rewarded whether the time was served at home or abroad,” said Senator Adler, D-Cherry Hill. “This is a good bill, and it would serve as well-deserved recognition of all members of the armed services who work to keep us safe.”

This measure now heads to the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee for approval.