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Gopal Legislation to Set Up Vacant Storefront Database for Small Businesses Advances

Supporting small business

TRENTON – Legislation sponsored by Senator Vin Gopal that would require the NJ Business Action Center (BAC) to establish and maintain a public database of vacant commercial space available for purchase or lease by small businesses was released from the Senate Commerce Committee.


Under the bill, the center would be required to update the database on a monthly basis with new information concerning the availability of vacant commercial space.


“Vacant storefronts are eyesores, and do not present a positive face for our local economies. Unfortunately, finding new industries who might be willing and well-suited for these locations often takes time because willing tenants might not be aware of the opportunity,” said Senator Gopal (D-Monmouth). “Creating a statewide public database of vacant commercial space will help speed the process and lead to vacancies filling more quickly.”


The database would include information such as:


  • the square footage of any vacant commercial space;
  • the capital equipment included in any vacant commercial space; and
  • the building systems installed in any vacant commercial space, including, but not limited to, fire alarms, fire suppression systems, security systems, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.


The center would make the vacancy database available through its Internet web page and publicize its availability at business associations, state and local chambers of commerce, and municipalities in the State.


The bill, S-3286, was moved out of committee on a vote of 4-0.