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Gordon/Beach Bill Allowing Consumers To Turn Debit, Credit Card Points Into Gas Rebates Clears Committee

Senator Bob Gordon hears testimony during the Senate Environment Committee.

Would Update State’s Archaic Credit Card-Only Laws

TRENTON – Legislation Senators Bob Gordon and Jim Beach sponsored to update New Jersey’s antiquated gasoline credit card laws to allow consumers to redeem points earned from debit or rewards-card purchases made elsewhere for reduced prices at the gas pump was today released by a Senate committee.

Under current law, at-the-pump savings can only be realized through a gas purchase made with a credit card marked for that purpose. The Gordon/Beach bill (S-2927) would allow points earned by consumers through debit or rewards card purchases elsewhere – such as at supermarkets or other retailers – to translate into motor fuel rebates.

“Consumers want flexibility, and they want the ability to enjoy the same benefits as consumers in other states,” said Gordon (D-Bergen). “Current law has our customers chained to laws that haven’t been updated in decades, and is putting New Jersey consumers at a disadvantage.”

“Our law hasn’t been updated since the days of carbon paper and MasterCharge,” said Beach (D-Camden). “Consumers now have various ways to earn rebates at the gas pump, but are blocked by 1960’s era laws. This update is long overdue.”

The bill was released 5-0 by the Senate Commerce Committee, and now is poised for a vote in the full Senate.

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