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Governor Signs Rice Bill Insulating Development Plans From Changes In Regulations & Local Ordinances

At a news conference in the Statehouse Annex, Senator Ronald Rice, D-Essex, Chair of the Legislative Black Caucus, outlines the caucus's 06-07 legislative agenda, focusing on protecting kids from the dangers of gangs and drugs.

Law Ensures Predictability, Fairness in Projects

TRENTON – Legislation Senator Ron Rice sponsored to allow local development applications to be evaluated under the sets of rules and ordinances in place at the time a proposal was first filed was signed into law today by Governor Christie.

The law (S-82) aims to prevent municipal officials from attempting to amend a local ordinance as a means of blocking a specific project.

“Builders seeking to invest in our cities deserve fairness and predictability,” said Senator Rice, D-Essex. “It is unfair for local officials to use ever-changing rules as a back-door way of preventing an approved project from going forward.”

The law requires the development regulations in effect on the date of submission of a development application be the standard governing the review of that application. Only ordinance changes pertaining to public health and safety adopted after the date of submission could be enforced.

“Allowing the rules to change mid-game has only prevented much-needed urban revitalization projects from getting off the ground,” said Rice. “This law will ensure developers, who already tailor their proposals to meet a litany of rules and regulations, know what to expect when they embark on a project. This is an important part of our effort to encourage economic development in our state.”

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