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Here’s how the NJ budget will affect you — beyond the big-ticket items

Stacey Barchenger | June 24, 2019 | Bergen Record |


New Jersey’s budget drama centered mostly on higher taxes for millionaires, but the $38.7 billion budget now waiting for Gov. Phil Murphy’s signature features new spending and new programs designed to help people across the state earning well below that top tax bracket.

While there are no new tax increases, the budget is also missing several of Murphy’s revenue-generating priorities, including the millionaires tax, which he has suggested is non-negotiable to gain his signature. Murphy can sign the budget as is, veto parts of it, or reject it outright and send it back the the Legislature. Whatever happens, the state must have a balanced budget in place before July 1.

Here’s a look at how the budget affects people beyond the big-ticket programs:

More for immigrants facing deportation

Murphy last year allocated $2.1 million to multiple legal service agencies to defend immigrants pulled into deportation proceedings. New Jersey joined New York and California in providing taxpayer-funded legal aid for immigration court, where, unlike in criminal proceedings, individuals are not guaranteed a lawyer.

The Legislature says: Make it $3.1 million next year.


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