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James Calls Codey Budget ‘Breath Of Fresh Air’

TRENTON – Senator Sharpe James, Vice Chair of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee, today called Governor Codey’s budget proposal a “breath of fresh air” because it would be a billion dollar reduction over last year’s State spending plan.

“Governor Codey is asking everyone to share some of the pain during these tough fiscal times,” said Senator James, D-Essex. “By reducing the size of the State workforce through attrition and suspending the New Jersey Saver program for non-seniors, he is asking all of us to sacrifice and help the State live within its means.”

Senator James said Governor Codey should be congratulated for his “sincere efforts to demand fiscal accountability” while at the same time protecting the financial interests of senior citizens in need and the State’s most vulnerable citizens.

“The key is that he (Codey) is doing all this without borrowing and without fiscal gimmickry,” said Senator James who joined with other Senate and Assembly Chairs and Vice Chairs of their respective budget committees in escorting Governor Codey to the Assembly podium for his Budget Address to a Joint Session of the Legislature.