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Johnson Bill to Safeguard Access Link Services during Inclement Weather Advances


Trenton – In an effort to ensure Access Link continues to service residents during inclement weather, the Senate State Government Committee advanced legislation today to require New Jersey Transit to pay drivers overtime wages during state of emergencies.


“Access Link provides a vital service to our state’s residents with disabilities. Unfortunately, when bad weather hits, drivers are often left out in the cold,” said Senator Johnson (D-Bergen). “Because they are required to finish their routes, even during commercial travel bans, they may have to work hours after their shift is scheduled to end to get riders home safely. Then workers reliant on public transportation are left with no other option than to stay overnight at the bus depot, since NJ Transit service is suspended. At minimum, these workers are entitled to increased compensation when driving in these hazardous conditions.”


The bill, S-2977, would require NJ Transit to pay operators of Access Link paratransit vehicles time and half for any hours worked while there is a commercial vehicle travel restriction in place for inclement weather.


The bill would take effect immediately.


The bill was released from committee by a vote of 5-0.