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Johnson Bill Would Help Active Service Members Complete Their Education through Online Instruction

Trenton – The Senate Military and Veterans’ Affairs committee advanced legislation today sponsored by committee Chair Gordon Johnson that extends options for service members and their dependents who cannot complete college courses due to interruption by unplanned military obligations.

“For service members, obtaining a college degree can significantly enhance their financial future and career prospects both within and outside the military,” said Senator Johnson (D-Bergen). “However, unplanned interruptions due to military obligations can make this more challenging. The growth of online learning in recent years offers a reasonable solution that can make it easier for service members to complete their education while fulfilling their military service.”

The bill, S-3052, would allow service members and their dependents to transfer into online courses if they are unable to complete their in-person classes due to military service demands. Students would need to obtain their university’s approval.

The bill advanced out of the committee in a 5-0 vote.