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Johnson Joint Resolution Would Designate June 23rd as “International Widows’ Day”

Trenton – To bring attention to the experiences and realities of widows, the Senate Health, Human Services, and Senior Citizens Committee advanced legislation today sponsored by Senator Gordon Johnson that would designate June 23rd of each year as “International Widows’ Day.”

“Widows can encounter significant challenges even years after losing a spouse, and often feel unsupported by our country’s social services, programs, and policies,” said Senator Johnson (D-Bergen). “Drawing attention each year to the tough circumstances widows face can drive meaningful changes in how we support them, such as increased bereavement leave or changes to Social Security regulation.”

In the United States, 1 million women become widowed each year, and 70 percent of all married women will experience widowhood in their lifetime.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the median age of a widow is lower than many would guess, at 59 years old.

The joint resolution, SJR-30, passed the committee in an 8-0 vote.