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Karcher Attends First Meeting Of The Governor’s Teen Driver Study Commission

At a news conference at the State House with Citizens' Campaign Chair Harry Pozycki, Senator Ellen Karcher, D-Monmouth and Mercer, unveiled proposed legislation to reform the State's redevelopment laws. The measure would ban pay-to-play contributions at all levels for redevelopment projects, and would ensure transparency and public input in redevelopment plans.

HAMILTON – State Senator Ellen Karcher today attended the first meeting of the Governor’s Teen Driver Study Commission in Hamilton. The Commission was created by legislation sponsored by Senator Karcher to review specific dangers for teen drivers.

“As a mother, I worry each time my son gets behind the wheel,” said Karcher. “Today’s meeting begins the process of examining teen driver safety so we can take the necessary steps to push for safer standards and greater education for our young drivers.”

The Commission, which includes representatives from the Motor Vehicle Commission and law enforcement community, will play a vital role in determining what can be done to reduce the number of fatal car accidents involving teen drivers. To engage public participation, the Commission will hold three public hearings in North, Central and South Jersey.

The Commission will review specific dangers for younger drivers, including reviewing the availability and effectiveness of driving education and training programs, assessing the problems of drunk-driving and aggressive driving in younger drivers, evaluating the effectiveness of defensive driving and accident-prevention programs, and analyzing the type of motor vehicle violations that are contributing factors to teenage driving accidents. The Commission will also look closely at the effectiveness of New Jersey’s teenage graduated drivers’ license program, which was implemented in 2002.

“We will look into every idea and solution that is brought before us so we can at least sleep a little sounder, knowing that New Jersey is doing all it can to protect our children and community from tragedy.”

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