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Kenny: Corzine Sets Right Tone For Getting Things Done

TRENTON – Senate Majority Leader Bernard F. Kenny Jr. today said Governor Corzine is well positioned to generate bipartisan support for his reform initiatives in the face of significant fiscal problems.

“His call to be held accountable is a good sign that he will lead by example. He seems to appreciate that governing requires politicians to deal with the problems in people’s lives without jargon. I liked the fact that he didn’t slap himself on the back with congratulatory cliches.

“Governor Corzine seems to appreciate the fact that problem solving involves listening to others and he made it pretty clear that he wants to reach out.

“Leaders like Senate President (Richard J.) Codey and Assembly Speaker (Joseph) Roberts can help him tremendously if he lets them. The three of them are positively strong personalities with distinct and different qualities, but together, they can – and will – get a lot done.

“While they’re all Democrats, the biggest reason they will succeed is because they have to. The problems of tax relief, health care funding, and children=s services require nothing less than our best efforts. Fortunately, our political will is fully engaged to serve our governmental responsibilities.”