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Kenny: GOP Blocks Pay To Play Advance

TRENTON – Senate Majority Leader Bernard F. Kenny Jr. today said it was “shocking” that the Republican Minority in the Senate blocked passage of the pay-to-play reform bill by playing politics.

“It’s a shame the Republicans decided to play politics instead of voting to move the process forward,” said Senator Kenny. “We all know reform is incremental, but it was shocking that the Republicans decided to stonewall for their own political reasons.”

The bill, A-1500/S-2052, was held after receiving 17 Democratic votes and no Republican votes in the Senate where 21 votes are needed for passage.

“After doing nothing for 10 years while they were in the Majority, the Senate Republicans, now in the Minority, had a chance to put their votes where their mouths have been by supporting this reform initiative,” Senator Kenny said. “Instead, they did absolutely nothing.”

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