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McKnight Bill to Establish NJ Task Force on Coordination Among Nonprofit Social Service Organizations Passes Senate

Trenton – Today, the Senate approved legislation sponsored by Senator Angela McKnight that would establish a Task Force among nonprofit social service organizations in the State to effectively coordinate and streamline the services they provide to the public.

“There are thousands of human service organizations across New Jersey that work to enhance the lives of our residents,” said Senator McKnight (D-Hudson). “With such a large pool of nonprofit groups, collaboration between those with similar goals can help to reduce repetitive efforts, stretch funding even further, and facilitate more expansive assistance in our communities.”

The bill, S-1815, is intended to reduce overlap of the services these vital nonprofit organizations provide through stronger communication with one another and the Legislature. It is also intended to promote the sharing of services by these organizations to reduce administrative costs and establish procedures for the uniform reporting of expenditures to the State government and the public.

Under the bill’s provisions, the Task Force would consist of 17 members from both State agencies and the public. Representatives from State agencies would include the Commissioners from the Department of Children and Families, the Department of Community Affairs, the Department of Health, and the Department of Human Services.

The 13 public members of the Task Force would comprise various individuals representing a wide variety of specialized social service organizations, and would be appointed by the Governor and leaders of both the Senate and General Assembly.

The Task Force would be expected to report its findings and recommendations to the Governor and the Legislature within 12 months after its initial meeting.

The bill was passed by the Senate in a 37-0 vote.