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Lilo Stanton | July 26, 2019 | NJ Spotlight |


The Garden State will partner with 33 other states to address its nursing shortage, which is the third most severe in the U.S.

After nearly two decades of debate, nurses licensed in New Jersey will soon be able to work in dozens of other states — and those in other participating jurisdictions can also now practice in the Garden State.

Gov. Phil Murphy signed legislation Friday that adds New Jersey to an existing multistate nursing licensing compact that will soon connect it with 33 other states, including Delaware and Maryland — but not Pennsylvania or New York. The system enables registered nurses and licensed practical nurses who hold credentials in any of the participating states to work legally in other member states, under that “host” state’s regulations.

The measure — which saw support from many lawmakers, business leaders and some nursing professionals — is designed to address a growing labor shortage by making it easier for hospitals and healthcare organizations to recruit and hire nurses.

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