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Not getting paid what you were promised? N.J. just cracked down on that.

Brent Johnson | August 6, 2019 | NJ Advance Media |


Say you work your job, but your employer doesn’t pay you the wages or benefits you were promised.

New Jersey just made life worse for employers who don’t shell out that money — and easier for you to seek what you’re owed, and more.

Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver signed a bill into law Tuesday that fights back against “wage theft” in the Garden State.

The Democratic-sponsored legislation (S1790) — which takes effect immediately — strengthens the state’s wage laws by increasing damages and fines against employers for unpaid wages, benefits, or overtime. Workers who are owed money are now eligible to receive both the wages they’re owed and damages of 200 percent of that money.

It also expands the state labor commissioner’s authority to audit employers and extends the window for workers to file a claim against their company.


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