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Rice, Cunningham Legislation to Implement Motor Vehicles Community Service Program Advances

Trenton– The Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee today advanced legislation sponsored by Senators Ronald Rice and Sandra B. Cunningham that would allow certain applicants to perform community service in lieu of paying motor vehicle surcharges.
The bill, S-914, would establish a “Motor Vehicle Surcharge Community Service Program” administered by the Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development. The program would allow a person who is unemployed but has enrolled in an education or job training program to perform community service in lieu of paying motor vehicle surcharges.
“For those that are experiencing unemployment, motor vehicle charges can be financially overwhelming. Rather than increasing the burden of paying fees, we wanted a substitution that would benefit the community and the individual,” said Senator Rice (D- Essex). “This legislation will ensure that the financial burden will no longer fall onto those who cannot afford it.”
“Many New Jerseyans with suspended licenses, especially those that cannot afford to pay back their fines, are caught in a difficult position,” said Senator Cunningham (D-Hudson). “If they cannot pay the motor vehicle surcharges, they cannot restore their licenses. Without the proper license, they cannot travel to work or search for a job. The Motor Vehicle Surcharge Community Service Program will help alleviate these issues.”
The bill was released from committee by a vote of 12-0.