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Rice Introduces Bill to Require Financial Institutions to Replace Lead Pipes on Foreclosed Homes

Trenton – Senator Ronald L. Rice introduced legislation, which would require financial institutions that have foreclosed on properties to remove water service lines that contain lead. The legislation is part of the ongoing effort to tackle the water quality dilemma plaguing New Jersey.

“New Jersey has a massive amount of foreclosed homes which are now owned by banks and other financial institutions. When those homes are bought by new owners, they should be bought free of service lines that contain lead,” said Senator Rice (D-Essex). “It is up to the banks to replace these since they have the resources and ownership to do so. This would take the immense financial burden off of the potential homeowner and make sure homes are sold in safe and decent condition.”

The bill requires financial institutions that have foreclosed on a property to replace all lead water service lines on the property that are not the responsibility of the appropriate utility service.

Second to paint, the leading source of lead in young children is from contaminated water. Lead can be harmful to all age groups but is particularly harmful to children and infants. The bill would prevent continuous exposure to lead from privately owned lead water service lines.

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