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Sacco Bill Approved Today Will Provide Protections For Victims Of E-Z Pass Theft

Senator Nicholas J. Sacco (D-Hudson)

TRENTON – The Senate Transportation Committee today unanimously approved a bill sponsored by Senator Nick Sacco that would provide protections for E-Z Pass customers who fall victim to theft.

“Unfortunately, stolen E-Z Pass transponders are a common occurrence,” said Sen. Sacco (D-Bergen/Hudson), Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee. “Consumers deserve to be protected from charges that occurred at no fault of their own, much like in the case of credit card theft. This bill also sends a clear message to thieves that this matter will not be taken lightly.”

Under the bill (S-725) theft of an E-Z Pass transponder would be classified as a disorderly person’s offense and carry a minimum penalty of $500 and a maximum of $10,000.

The bill will also protect consumers from incurring any exorbitant charges racked up by a thief. If a customer reports the loss or theft of a transponder in a timely manner to E-ZPass authorities, the customer would not be liable for unauthorized charges of $50 or more incurred prior to the reporting of the loss or theft, or any unauthorized charges incurred after the reporting of the loss or theft.

The bill will also waive the fees to replace the stolen transponder if the customer reports the theft in a timely manner to E-ZPass authorities and submits a copy of the police report of the theft.

The bill now heads to the full Senate for a vote.

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