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Sacco-Stack Bill Enacted To Help First-Time Offenders

Senator Nicholas Sacco, D-Hudson, speaks with a colleague on the Senate floor regarding legislation being voted on.

TRENTON – A bill sponsored by Senators Nick Sacco and Brian Stack, both D-Hudson, to allow first-time offenders involved in minor drug-related infractions to keep their driving privileges has been signed into law by Governor Corzine.

“This new law will help those who made minor mistakes keep their driving licenses so they can get to work or look for jobs,” said Senator Sacco. “It gives discretion to judges so people who made minor mistakes can straighten out their lives.”

Senator Stack said the measure, S-1302/A1766, will remove the mandatory forfeiture of driving privileges for first-time offenders charged with disorderly persons offenses involving infractions of drug laws.

“These judicial exemptions will empower offenders to follow through on commitments to get to jobs and support their families,” Senator Stack said. “It’s critically important that offenders understand that they can turn their lives around after making minor mistakes.”

The reform law is part of the conditional discharge statute where offenders can get their records cleared if they maintain law-abiding behavior while under court supervision. Corzine signed the measure into law on Wednesday.

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