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Sacco/Cunningham Bill To Require 45 Days Advance Notice Of Route Cancellations Clears Senate

Senator Nicholas Sacco, D-Hudson, speaks with a colleague on the Senate floor regarding legislation pending a vote.

TRENTON – A measure sponsored by Senators Nicholas J. Sacco and Sandra Bolden Cunningham which would require bus and rail lines to provide 45 days notice of the discontinuation of certain routes, to local and county governments was unanimously approved today by the full Senate.

“Residents throughout the state rely on public transportation, and plan their days around train and bus routes,” said Senator Sacco, D-Hudson and Bergen. “Commuters deserve to receive advanced notice of route cancellations, so that they can make other arrangements to ensure that they make it work on time.”

The Senators’ bill, S-1362, would require New Jersey Transit to provide 45 days written notice when officials decide to discontinue service to specific routes. The bill calls for the notice to be provided to the county governments of each of the affected towns, and to the clerk of each municipality that has a bus stop on the route.

Under the bill, private bus and rail operators would be required to provide 45 days notice of a decision to discontinue service along a route. The advance notice would be given to the board of chosen freeholders of the counties whose residents would be affected, and to the municipal clerk of each town that has a bus stop along the route.

The bill requires that notice be placed on each bus servicing the route that is slated to be discontinued, at least 45 days prior to the change in service.

Private operators found violating the bill’s provisions would be fined $1000 for each day that they fail to provide notice.

“This bill would provide residents who rely on public transportation the time they need to make other arrangements to get to and from work and other destinations,” said Senator Cunningham, D-Hudson. “Advance notice is a necessity to ensure that residents don’t miss work or important appointments because they’re unaware of route cancellations.”

This measure was unanimously approved by the Senate Transportation Committee on March 10. It now heads to the Assembly for approval.


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