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Senate Approves Doria/Weinberg Measure To Create ‘Genocide Awareness Week’

TRENTON – The Senate today unanimously approved a measure sponsored by Senators Joseph V. Doria, Jr. and Loretta Weinberg to designate May 19-25, 2006 as “Genocide Awareness Week” in New Jersey.

“One of our greatest obligations in the brotherhood of humanity is to stand up against atrocious injustices committed in the name of ethnic, religious or national purity,” said Senator Doria, D-Hudson. “Genocide is an affront to the basic tenets of humanitarianism, and we should stand, and with one loud, clear voice decry any attempts to rid this world of one of its peoples as morally reprehensible. The actions of madmen conducted on this planet in the name of genocide have an impact on all of us, and we have a collective responsibility to express outrage wherever it should rear its ugly head.”

“The act of murder is both inhumane and barbaric, but attempting to wipe out an entire group of people is down right savage,” said Senator Weinberg, D-Bergen. “This legislation will work to bring attention to the attempted genocides that are happening around the world, and work to promote tolerance and humanitarian efforts on the part of the people of New Jersey. We must begin to hold ourselves accountable not only for the well-being of our fellow Americans, but for our brothers and sisters on a global level. “

The Senators’ resolution, SR-31, establishes “Genocide Awareness Week” in order to focus attention on the issue of genocide, to establish policies and programs to increase awareness of crises around the globe and to prevent future attempts of genocide. The resolution calls on the Governor to issue a proclamation requesting that public officials and citizens observe the week with activities and programs aimed at teaching the public about the effects of genocide.

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