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Senate Clears Singleton Bill to Expand Background Checks for Healthcare Professionals

TRENTON – The New Jersey Senate approved legislation sponsored by Senator Troy Singleton that would expand the healthcare professions that are covered by law requiring criminal history background checks to ensure all healthcare professions requiring licensure from State Boards conduct background checks for applicants. 

The bill, S-2311, would modify the definition of “healthcare professional” to include individuals seeking licensure from the State Board of Applied Behavior Analyst Examiners, the State Board of Creative Arts and Activities Therapies, or the State Board of Dietetics and Nutrition. In doing so, individuals applying for licensure would be required to complete a background check, and the relevant Board or the Division of Consumer Affairs would be permitted to revoke or refuse to issue a license if criminal history provides sufficient grounds for a refusal or revocation. 

“This legislation fixes an oversight in current law that leaves out background check requirements for licensure from certain State Boards,” said Senator Singleton (D-Burlington). “By requiring these background checks, we will be able to better protect some of our most vulnerable residents. Behavior analysts, for example, often work with children and adults with special needs, who are at greater risk of exploitation and abuse.” 

The bill was passed in a unanimous vote.

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