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Senate Democrats Advance Fiscally Sound Budget Plan

TRENTON – The Democratic Majority on the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee issued the following statement this evening after agreeing to advance a fiscally sound budget plan for the fiscal year beginning Friday.

“Our budget proposal reflects our strong, but sensible commitment to taxpayers in its subtantial increases in property tax rebates.

This fiscally sound budget is grounded on sturdy blocks of recurring revenues, virtually chiseled free of gimmicks and one-shots.

“We can proudly take this document to our neighborhoods because it funds our schools, sustains the lives of our vulnerable citizens and reaches out to help those who need health care services. It reduces spending in these tough fiscal times and it’s taxpayer-sensitive while remaining responsible.

“It’s not the final answer to every problem in this State, but it provides a workable surplus to respond to emergencies and backs up our pledge to do what we can for those who truly need our help. Within this framework, we will move ahead to achieve consensus for the good of our taxpaying public.”