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Senator Cunningham: Our Fight is Not Over

Senator Sandra Bolden Cunningham, D-Hudson, listens to testimony before the Senate Budget Committee during one of the committee’s hearings on the FY 2012 Budget.

TRENTON – Senator Sandra Bolden Cunningham today issued the following statement after the governor’s veto of S-15 to raise the minimum wage in New Jersey to at least $15 over five years:

“I’m extremely disappointed that this legislation was vetoed, but our fight is not over. The current minimum wage doesn’t come close to what is actually needed for residents to afford basic necessities, even when working a 40-hour week. The time has come for an increase in our state’s minimum wage and we will continue our push.

“With the veto, we will move forward with our plan to ask voters to decide. We are committed to improving conditions for workers who get up and go to work every day but still find it impossible to pay for utilities, rent, groceries and medical bills. It’s time to take action as a state to raise the minimum wage in New Jersey and Democrats are committed to doing that.”

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