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Senator Karcher Reacts To the State Of The State

TRENTON – Senator Ellen Karcher, D-Mercer and Monmouth, issued the following statement today, regarding Acting Governor Richard J. Codey’s State of the State address.

“By restoring the Department of the Public Advocate, Acting Governor Codey is taking a great step toward rebuilding New Jersey’s citizens’ trust in our government. The Public Advocate will function as a watch-guard for the people, act as their voice in tackling governmental improprieties should they occur, and ensure that the government is working FOR the people of New Jersey. I am confident that with Acting Governor Codey’s agenda in place, the kind of true ethics reform I have been fighting for during my tenure as Senator will become reality.

“Additionally, I applaud Governor Codey’s efforts to enhance school safety procedures throughout the state in cases of emergencies. It is important that in a national climate where a vulnerable state like New Jersey has to practically beg for funds to secure our borders, we have a strong governor that is working to ensure that the safety of New Jersey’s children is a top priority.

“As a mom, it is a comfort to know that Governor Codey is not going to wait until a “what if” scenario plays itself out. He is taking the initiative to ensure that if a security issue arises in our schools law enforcement in our municipalities and school personnel are properly trained and prepared to act quickly and appropriately. It is measures like these that will give parents peace of mind during these uncertain times”

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