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Senator Madden: Bill Package Would Help Protect Home-Buyers From Dishonest Contractors

MANALAPAN – Senator Fred H. Madden, D-Camden and Gloucester, who is a member of the Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee and the sponsor of three measures aimed at helping to protect home-buyers from dishonest contractors has released the following statement regarding the Committee meeting held to l discuss an SCI report dealing with fraud in the home contracting business. The hearing was held in at the Manalapan Township Municipal Complex:

“This hearing is absolutely necessary to hear the view points of the constituents who would benefit from this legislation.

“Whether you are a first-time home buyer or purchasing your second or third home, buyers deserve to have laws making sure that they are treated fairly. The group of bills that I’ve sponsored, S-1824, known as the ‘New Homebuyers’ Bill of Rights’, S-1825, which would work to enhance protection for new homebuyers , S-1826, which strengthens the State’s Construction code regarding home inspections, is designed to help make sure that home-owners are protected from dishonest contractors.

“During the summer months, the Legislature met to evaluate and discuss solutions to help end our over-reliance on property taxes. This package of bills would work to help provide support for home-buyers as the Legislature continues to search for ways to make it financially feasible for them to stay here.”

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