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Senator Redd Applauds Passage Of Paid Family Leave Bill

Senator Dana Redd, D-Camden and Gloucester, speaks at the meeting of the Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee.

TRENTON – Senator Dana L. Redd, D-Camden and Gloucester, has released the following statement regarding the Senate’s recent passage of S-786, which would provide paid family leave benefits for workers caring for sick family members and newborn or newly adopted children. The final vote was 22-16, and Senator Redd voted in favor of the bill.

“This bill is good for families. There are few things in life that you can never do in excess, and spending time with an ill family member is one of them. This legislation would give a husband a few more weeks to spend with his wife who is dying of cancer. It would allow new parents a few more weeks of uninterrupted bonding time with their newly adopted child.

“The bill would also strike a balance between what’s good for families as well as the business community.

“I want to commend Senator Sweeney and Buono for sponsoring this legislation, and allowing New Jersey to remain in the forefront of providing necessary benefits for its residents.”

The bill now heads to the Assembly for approval.


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