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Senator Rice to Key State Panel on Immigrants

TRENTON – Senator Ronald Rice, the Chair of the African American Legislative Caucus, today made the following comments after being named by Governor Corzine to be a member of a special blue-ribbon panel on immigrant policies for New Jersey.

“When people come to this country, often under duress, they need a place to live and a way to provide needed health care for their families. But immigrants also need to be treated with respect and be granted the basic human rights associated with the dignity of living in America. We are still a nation of immigrants and we can never forget that. I am hopeful that the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Panel will expose the injustices imposed on many immigrants today as they struggle for survival. It’s time to ensure justice for immigrants who today often find the path to citizenship marked with violent attacks, job discrimination and inequality.”

Senator Rice, D-Essex, said it is fortunate that the panel will have 18 months to hold hearings and develop comprehensive recommendations to effect a multi-faceted statewide strategy for immigrants in New Jersey.