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Senator Sweeney On Gasoline Price-Gouging

TRENTON – Senator Steve Sweeney, D-Gloucester, Cumberland and Salem, released the following statement today concerning the issue of gasoline price-gouging:

“I would like to commend Assembly Transportation Committee Chairman Wisniewski and the members of the Assembly Transportation panel for taking initiative and hosting today’s hearing to investigate gasoline price-gouging.

“Nationwide, residents are being forced to cough up more and more money with each trip they take to the pumps. With cooler weather approaching, home energy and heating costs will no doubt also increase to all time highs. It is imperative that the State works to help ensure that the prices residents are paying for energy are reflective of what domestic oil, gas and energy suppliers pay.

“Gone are the days when companies can charge exorbitant prices and rip-off consumers simply because their products are in high demand. New Jerseyans deserve to pay fair and honest prices for energy services, and it will be the Legislature’s job to help ensure that opportunistic energy suppliers are not getting rich at the expense of New Jersey’s drivers.”