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Senator Van Drew Bill Urging Government Entities to Purchase New Jersey Products Clears the Senate

Senator VanDrew

TRENTON – A resolution sponsored by Senator Jeff Van Drew that would urge State and local government entities to purchase locally made New Jersey products was approved today by the Senate.

Resolution, SR-52, urges that products that are made in New Jersey which includes food, clothing, manufactured goods and more from companies that range from large corporations, to small “mom and pop” companies be purchased by State and local government.

“This initiative is really about us, investing our resources back into the state. Quite frankly, New Jersey products are some of the best products in the world, so this initiative makes sense economically and practically. This will help generate more jobs and get more of our residents working, which will strengthen our economy,” said Senator Van Drew.

Some of the agricultural food products and commodities grown or raised in New Jersey display the “Jersey Fresh,” “Jersey Grown,” “Jersey Grown Wood,” or “Jersey Seafood,” logo to indicate that the item has been inspected and meets standards equal to, or better than, U.S. No. 1 or U.S. Grade A standards.

By purchasing locally made products, the State and local government entities can help support struggling New Jersey families and manufacturing and agricultural businesses, and stabilize the State’s economy.

SR-52 cleared the full Senate.