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Should Rutgers name a building after RBG?

Adam Clark | October 20, 2020 | NJ Advance Media |


Long before she was a Supreme Court justice, a young Ruth Bader Ginsberg taught at Rutgers Law School in Newark.

Now, some state lawmakers are calling on the university to honor the late legal icon by naming a building after her.

“Justice Ginsburg paved the way to help ensure that a woman is defined and recognized by the value of her person, abilities and power,” said state Sen. Nia Gill, D-Essex. “It is befitting Rutgers University name a building after Justice Ginsberg as her memory serves as a revolution that will inspire many generations to come.”

New Jersey’s Senate Higher Education Committee passed a resolution Monday urging Rutgers University to dedicate a building to Ginsburg, who taught at the law school from 1963 to 1972.

Rutgers is engaged in ongoing discussions about the best way to honor Ginsburg, university spokeswoman Dory Devlin said. Ginsburg had a profound impact on the court, the nation and the values that Rutgers embraces, Devlin said.


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