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Statement by Senators Scutari, Ruiz and Sarlo on ANCHOR Program, State Budget


Trenton – Senate President Nick Scutari, Senate Majority Leader M. Teresa Ruiz and Senate Budget Chairman Paul Sarlo issued the following joint statement today on the proposal to expand the ANCHOR tax relief plan and the state budget:


“We support the shared goal of providing needed tax relief to the residents of New Jersey and are fully supportive of allocating a minimum of $2 billion for tax savings. We are committed to actions that will make the lives of New Jerseyans more affordable so we are considering additional measures to ease the tax burden.


“We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to utilize financial resources to deliver tax relief and make strategic investments in our future. Our budget decisions at this time can have a transformational impact for New Jersey. It is important that we make use of this unique opportunity with tax savings and investments that are effective and sustainable.


“We want to thank Governor Murphy and Assembly Speaker Coughlin for agreeing to a bi-partisan, transparent process for the use of more than $5.5 billion in state and federal funds for debt reduction, state investments and to address public needs. The approval by a bi-partisan committee with members of the Senate and Assembly who work cooperatively with the Governor to identify investment and budget priorities in an open and transparent manner provides greater accountability.


“We will continue to work over the next few weeks to develop a budget that is fiscally responsible, addresses the needs of the people of New Jersey, provides sustained tax savings and invests in economic opportunities.”